My Story

I began my Mosaic journey after visiting St Marks in Venice.

I remember going back again and again to the church during my visit to take in how the mosaics covered every inch.

I was hooked!!

That was 10 years ago and today I am a modern mosaicist. Color and shiny objects are almost always in my work. I love working with beads, rhinestones, handmade tiles, jewelry pieces, Smalti, stained glass and tiles. I have studied with many and learned so very much and I am ready to help you with a special item for your home.

My love will decorate your house. With passion I will create a mirror, furniture, backsplash, wall art or accessories for your home.

I will work with every client on color palette and recommendations for the right piece of my artwork in your space.

Please contact me to discuss the mosaic journey we can take together.